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Published by Penka® on October 28, 2020

What is circular economy?

Have you heard recently or since a few years ago about products made from waste? Have you heard of clothing made from recycled fibers? or products made from sustainable materials considered waste? well, this trend has a name and a last name, it's called Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is a global movement that pretends the reduction of materials of new elaboration, replacing them with reuse materials, recyclables and/or sustainable sources. The pioneer countries in this trend were Japan and Germany, based on 3R (reduce, recycle, reuse) waste management; it is a practice widely practiced in developed countries and by global brands.

Examples abound, for example a few years ago the Manchester United club was one of the pioneers in using recycled materials in their uniforms, it was the spearhead for many more teams to turn to see the benefits of this practice. Similarly, in the clothing industry in general, it is common to see shoes with soles made from recycled rubber or plastic, or from waste from the sea, as well as clothing made from recycled fibers.

Another example of a company that is conscious of its impact on the environment is José Cuervo® (whose distillery is the oldest in Latin America). Its actions related to the Circular Economy is the use of its by-product from the production of Tequila (which is called agave bagasse) to use it in a wide range of products and materials, such as composting material, paper and currently agave straws. It is the best way to "circularize" an agave fiber from the field, process it and have it end up in your drink.

In Penka® we strive every day to work and be part of this large group of companies and businesses that have responsibility with the environment; Our efforts are focused on being able to offer a greater number of products made with agave bagasse and evolve to new formulations in order to be part of the solution to environmental problems that seriously afflict our planet.

By: Eduardo Rivera

Article published by Penka®

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