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Published by Penka® on January 20, 2021

PolyAgave®: sustainable alternative to traditional plastics.

At Penka we design, develop and make straws, cutlery and many other products made with PolyAgave natural fiber resins; but what is PolyAgave?

PolyAgave is a material developed and patented by BioSolutions; a Mexican company founded in 2010; which was developed with the intention of creating a bio-based bioplastic material that would be a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics and would work for different applications, such as injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

There are several grades and types of PolyAgave and they are used according to the application in which they will be used, for example: plates, cups, cutlery, household items, cleaning items, lids, decorative items and coolers, among others. National and international customers currently use it.

The benefits of using PolyAgave for these applications are both for the environment and for the market and companies that use it.

Among the benefits to the environment, we can list the reduction of carbon footprint and water footprint -since agaves do not require irrigation water, only rainwater to grow-, as well as the use of an abundant agro-industrial waste, instead of use foods from which the starch is extracted.

The benefits for the market are also important, since the appearance of the products made with PolyAgave is very genuine, it is clear and remarkable that these products contain a load of agave, you can be sure that a product made with PolyAgave is a product that contains a vegetable load. It is also an innovative product that will help differentiate your packaging and products from the competition.

Finally, it is important to note that PolyAgave is a bioplastic that can be used in current machinery in the plastics industry, it can be pigmented in any color and can be recycled at the end of its use. Most importantly, it is the first bioplastic developed and manufactured in Mexico from agro-industrial by-products, a source of pride for the nation.

Eduardo Rivera

Article published by Penka®

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Made from agave bagasse
100% recyclable

Food-Grade, BPA free

Designed in Mexico and Manufactured in the United States

Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduces oil consumption

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