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Published by Penka® on July 31, 2020

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Penka®, founded by a group of Mexican innovators, is the company that developed and created the world's first biodegradable straws made from agave fibers and distributes its products to several countries in more than three continents. Its technology has a patent granted for the biomaterial and the product, giving its customers certainty of its originality and functionality.

Penka® products are manufactured with PolyAgave®, which is a line of cellulose-based bioplastic composite materials made from vegetable fibers, by-products of agro-industrial processes in the tequila industry.

Penka® straws and cutlery are bio-based and biodegradable; that is, they are partially made from plants and when disposed of in landfills they degrade when they interact with bacteria and microorganisms. Their process lasts from one to five years depending on the conditions of the landfill, helping to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet and reducing the space they occupy within the landfill. 

The bio-based certificate complies with ASTM D6866 and the biodegradability certificate complies with ASTM 6954/20.

Some other products manufactured by Penka® are bio-based and reusable; that is, they are made with natural fibers and have been designed to be used many times promoting reuse practices and generating less waste, as dictated by the "Zero Waste" philosophy.

It is important that the consumer learns to dispose of biodegradable products correctly, since biodegradability does not mean having permission to dispose of products on the street or in gardens, but to do so responsibly. With Penka products you can enjoy your food and drinks without the guilt of affecting the environment.

By: Ana Laborde

Article published by Penka®

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Made from agave bagasse
100% recyclable

Food-Grade, BPA free

Designed in Mexico and Manufactured in the United States

Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduces oil consumption

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