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Published by Penka® on September 22, 2020

Distinctive PNK® is synonym of originality

Nowadays, human beings are more aware and value companies and products that are socially responsible with our planet.

According to Nielsen, 46% of global respondents say they are willing to sacrifice brand to buy environmentally friendly products, and the vast majority (73%) say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment”1.

Thanks to this, every day there are more companies that invest in offering environmentally friendly products and are concerned about informing their consumers.

There are different recognitions that differentiate/distinguish companies from the rest, which are highly valued. An example in Mexico is the ESR® (Socially Responsible Enterprise) Distinctive®, which accredits the company to its stakeholders, who voluntarily and publicly assume the commitment to implement and continuously improve socially responsible management, as part of their culture and business strategy.

 Companies that earn this Distinction provide confidence and demonstrate their commitment to their customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders.

At Penka®® we made the decision to differentiate our products from possible piracy or bad practices by including the PNK® Distinctive®, which endorses all our certifications and guarantees that it is a patented, original, bio-based, biodegradable product, partially manufactured with agave fiber.

How can you identify the PNK® Distinctive? PNK®?

The PNK® Distinctive® is a diamond figure, with the image of an agave in the center and the letters PNK. We have created this badge so that all our customers feel the peace of mind that Penka stands behind the quality of the product to its customers and that they are part of the #ClubPenka.

It is very common that when an innovative and differentiated product is created, at the same time there are companies that want to copy that product through "pirated copies" or of poor quality, which in many cases do not even have agave fiber in their composition.

It is very important to Penka® to protect our customers with our original, patented, and high-quality agave products. 

Every day more and more companies join our Penka® community, consuming our patented products, which include the PNK® Distinctive.®.

By: Ernesto J. Amescua


  1. Nielsen, “Los Compradores Sostenibles Compran el cambio que quieren ver en el Mundo” , FMCG & RETAIL 30-01-2019
Article published by Penka®

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Made from agave bagasse
100% recyclable

Food-Grade, BPA free

Designed in Mexico and Manufactured in the United States

Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduces oil consumption

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