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Published by Penka® on April 14, 2021

How do the Penka products biodegrade?

We share with you some data related to the biodegradability of PENKA products.

The most important thing is to start from the most elementary, what does it mean for something to be biodegradable?

Biodegradation is the chemical dissolution of the materials by bacteria or other biological means. The term is often used in relation to ecology, waste management, biomedicine and the environment and is now commonly associated with environmentally friendly products that are capable of decomposing back into natural elements.

Organic material can degrade aerobically with oxygen, or anaerobically, without oxygen; and reacts to certain environmental factors, such as sunlight and ambient humidity.

An important fact related to composting (which is not the same as biodegradability) is that in order for a product to migrate to compost, it must be processed in special composting facilities or landfills.

In Penka we manufacture our products with materials that stimulate biodegradation, mainly agave fiber, which is a natural, abundant and sustainable element; besides giving a genuine and pleasant appearance.

Penka biodegradable agave straws are made from a resin base, agave fiber and additives that promote the biodegradation of the resin base. It complies with ASTM 6954, which ensures that the product biodegrades under aerobic conditions (in the presence of oxygen).

Biodegradation starts when the product is in the presence of an adequate temperature and UV radiation.

At the end of the biodegradation process the straw turns into low molecular weight oligomer molecules that can be consumed by microorganisms. The biodegradation waste does not affect the environment.

The degradation time is very relative, just like it is mentioned above, the material reacts to oxygen, temperature and humidity, and the degradation time will depend on these factors.

By: Eduardo Rivera

Image: Volodymyr Hryshchenko / unsplash.com

Article published by Penka®

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