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Published by Penka® on February 19, 2021

Sustainable Business and Cafeterias

Day by day the number of establishments around the world is growing concerned about practices that reduce or nullify the impact on the environment.

In the past (let's say back in 2010’s), it was common when going to cafeterias or restaurants for your drink to be served with up to two plastic straws. Also, common to find lots of napkins, or to be served on disposable unicell plates, cutlery, cutlery, and more plastic cutlery.

The result of a meal or a pleasant afternoon of coffee, in addition to a good chat, was a considerable amount of single-use waste; Multiply it by the tables of the place…by restaurants, ¿It's worrying, isn't it?

Fortunately, for the environment and waste management, things have changed.

Reduced use of napkins is now common, and equally important, napkins made from reusable materials. It is common for food to be compacted and served on a single plate, and it is also increasingly common to see food establishments supplying straws and regular plastic cutlery with straws and cutlery made of sustainable materials.

Some of the most commonly sustainability practices used by food business include waste reduction, elimination of common plastic materials, and consuming of local and organic foods

Many establishments aspire to even more, reaching out to the social aspect, to be socially responsible businesses.

In PENKA ® we created a community called #ClubPenka, where we proudly show the good practices of many businesses that have decided to take actions in favor of the environment, including the use of Penka products.

By: Eduardo Rivera

Main Photography: Carolina Marinelli (@carocarom)/unsplash.com

Article published by Penka®

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